Alicante Transport

Alicante Airport is an important transport hub within the region of Costa Blanca, as millions and millions people arrive at this airport every year. The airport is located 8 kilometers away from the city of Alicante, so it would not be hard to reach it. Yet, this article will provide you with information about most popular transfer destinations and what Alicante transport you could use in order to arrive in the city you wish.

Most Popular Transfer Destinations

Considering that the airport is located quite close to Alicante, it should not come as a surprise that the city of Alicante appears to be the most popular transfer destination from the airport. There are a few reasons for it: cheapness, proximity to the city, and a number of various transfer options.

Another popular transfer destination from Alicante Airport is Benidorm, a cosmopolitan city with a large number of sights and appealing beaches, which is located within the province of Alicante. The city had been a simple fishing town until the 1960s, yet now it appears to be one of the most popular destinations on the white coast of Spain.

Alicante transport options

At the tram station of Alicante Lucentum, you are able to take a tram right to the city of Benidorm, yet there are several stops of other Alicante transport nearby

Torrevieja is also a popular city among tourists, which is somewhat larger than Benidorm. During the last 20 years, the city’s population has grown in four times, and a large share of its population is made up of immigrants. The city is a popular resort with a large number of places of interest.

Orihuela, near which Villamartin is located, is one more popular transfer destination. It can boast not solely wonderful beaches, but also popular tourist attractions such as Orihuela Cathedral, Orihuela Castle, Church of Santo Domingo, and the Church of Santa Justa y Rufina.

On top of that, tourists also often opt to go to Jávea right from Alicante Airport, a small town, nestled near the white coast.

Alicante Transport, or Transfer Options from Alicante Airport

There are four options of getting around Alicante and the white coast you might consider: train / tram, bus, taxi, and car. Now, let’s have a look at each of these Alicante transport options.

Train / tram. After the airport was reconstructed and a new terminal was built in 2011, there were expectations that the train / tram route will reach the airport, and the reconstruction plan included it. Unfortunately, the airport still does not have a train or subway station, but the area for a station remains reserved.

Taking a tram allows you to travel throughout the white coast of Spanish. In particular, there are five tram routes:

L1: Lucerus (Alicante) – Benidorm

L2: Lucerus (Alicante) – Sant Vicent del Raspeig

L3: Lucerus (Alicante) – El Campello

L4: Lucerus (Alicante) – Pl. La Сoruña, Playa de San Juan

L9: Benidorm – Dénia.

You can check the tram prices on this page. Click on the respective links in order to check the tram stations along the white coast and tram schedules. Contact the company:

Phone number: 900 72 04 72.


Bus. There are two types of buses operating at Alicante Airport: local and interurban. Local buses allow you to reach a city from the airport at a really low price. There is only one bus stop at the airport, situated at the Departures sidewalk, level 2 of the main passenger terminal. Basically, there are the following routes of local buses:

1A: Alicante Airport – Elche / Elche – Alicante Airport

Price: 1.50 euro

Timetable: from 7:10 until 22:10 all year round

Regularity: every hour. On holidays and weekends, every two hours.

Contact information: 902 106 992

Route stops and schedule.

1B: Alicante Airport – Arenales del Sol / Arenales del Sol – Alicante Airport

Price: 1.50 euro

Timetable: from 7:10 until 22:10. On holidays and weekends, from 6:55 until 20:55.

Regularity: every hour. On holidays and weekends, every two hours.

Contact information: 902 106 992

Route stops and schedule.

C-6: Alicante Airport – Alicante City / Alicante City – Alicante Airport

Price: 3.85 euro

Timetable: from 6:40 until 23:00 all year round

Regularity: every 20 minutes

Contact information: 902 106 992

Route stops and schedule.

Whereas the 1A and 1B lines connect the airport with Elche and Arenales del Sol (including route Torrelano and route El Altet beach for this route) respectively, the C6 line allows you to reach the Lucaros Tram Station in Alicante.

Interurban bus routes allow you to reach the other city than Alicante right from the airport. The Alsa Company, for example, offers routes from Alicante Airport to Benidorm (average price is $9.35 euro), Murcia (6.16 euro), and Calpe (9.45 euro). The road takes up to two hours. The prices might vary insignificantly.

Autocares Baile provides routes to Santa Pola and San Vicente, whereas the road does not take up more than 30 minutes. Costa Azul offers transfers to Torrevieja. All schedules are available on the companies’ websites.

alicante airport bus stop

You will notice the bus stop right after exiting the Arrivals Hall of the airport

Taxi. You can also reach a city you want by taking advantage of such an Alicante transport as taxi. The city service of taxi is provided by the Radio Taxi Elche, as all of the taxi cars are marked with green lines. The taxis pick up passengers at the level 0 of Passenger Terminal N, near the Arrivals sidewalk. They drop off passengers (those who head to the airport) at the Departures sidewalk, level 2 of Passenger Terminal N.

There are two types of tariffs: ordinary and special. Ordinary tariff is applied from Monday to Friday (from 6:00 until 22:00) and on Saturdays (from 6:00 until 15:00). At the other time, including workdays (from 22:00 until 6:00), Saturdays (from 15:00), as well as Sundays along with holidays, special tariff is applied. Special tariff is given in claws below:

Initial service: 1.55 euro (1.80 euro)

Price per kilometer: 0.91 euro (1.07 euro)

Minimum service charge: 3.80 euro (4.30 euro)

Waiting hour: 19.26 euro (22.23 euro).

Taxis can be of two types: suburban (intercity or special) and urban (ordinary). The price you should pay must be displayed on a taximeter and you can freely request a receipt, if you have any complaints. Baby carriages, chairs for disabled, and guide dogs are transferred free of charge.

Average prices of transfers to different cities by taxi are the following (keep in mind, they highly depend on traffic density, schedules, supplements, etc.!):

  • Alicante: €19 (€22).
  • Villajoyosa: €58 (€66).
  • Torrevieja: €51 (€60).
  • Santa Pola: €22 (€24).
  • Elche: €22 (€25).
  • Denia: €115 (€130).
  • El Campello: €34 (€38).
  • Calpe: €35 (€39).
  • Benidorm: €66 (€74).
  • Altea: €75 (€83).

Alicante taxi airport

All taxi cars at Alicante Airport are marked with green lines

Car. You can also reach any city you wish by renting a car right at the airport. Offices of car hire companies are located in the Arrivals hall, at the level 0 of Passenger Terminal N. The road accessing the airport is the N-338 road that connects Alicante Airport with the N-332 (Alicante – Valencia), N-340 (Carretera Alicante – Murcia – Jativa), A-79, and A-7 (also known as Mediterranean Motorway).

Transfer to Benidorm

There are several ways of reaching Benidorm from Alicante Airport. The first option is taking an intercity bus from the Alsa Company, which will take you from the airport right to Benidorm just for €9.45. The road to Benidorm takes from 45 up to 50 minutes.

Another way of reaching Benidorm is taking the C-6 bus route, taking it off at the Lucaros Tram Station, and taking the L1 tram, which will take you right to the city of Benidorm.

The last option (if not to count going in an own car), which is the most comfortable yet the most expensive, is taking a taxi from Alicante Airport right to Benidorm. Roughly, it will cost from 65 euro (normal tariff) up to 75 euro (special tariff). Though, prices might slightly vary and it appears not to be the most popular Alicante transport option.