Alicante Car Hire

If you have a driving license and you are willing to be somewhat free about what a location and how fast you want to reach, you might opt to take advantage of Alicante car hire services, offered right at the airport of this city. There are cars up for every taste – both luxury cars and sport cars, and you can definitely find a great deal at the airport. There are about a dozen of companies that provide car hire services at the airport and you can have a look at them on this page.

What You Need to Know About Alicante Car Hire at the Airport

Offices of all car hire companies are located in the Arrivals hall, at the level 0 of the Terminal N. We highly recommend you to book a car in advance by using the links provided below, because there is definitely a high demand for them, especially in a high season.

Alicante Car Hire

Alicante car hire services allow you to travel across Costa Blanca at your own pace

Once you have chosen a car at the office of a car hire company, you should head to the area of parking reserved for car rental companies, which situated near the P1 building of parking. If you are already using a rental car and willing to return it back, you should go to that parking area for car hire companies and leave it there. There are six floors designated to car hire companies, and you should look for a plan that shows the distribution of parking slots between companies. The plan must be hanging somewhere near the entrance.

Picking up a car or delivering it back to the rental car parking area is free of charge.

Alicante Car Hire Companies that Operate at the Airport

As it was previously mentioned, there are about a dozen of car hire companies that work at Alicante Airport. You can find the office of each of those companies at the level 0 of the Terminal N, Arrivals hall. Here you have the companies that you can find there:

  • SIXT: rent a car at Alicante Airport. This is a well-known car hire company that operates in a number of markets, including the British, Italian, French, and a few other markets. The company’s office at Alicante Airport works daily from 7:00 until 24:00. Contact information: +34-902491616 (phone number), +34-965995102 (fax).
  • Centauro is another major car hire company that operates at Alicante Airport, whereas it offers all kinds of cars for rentals, including vans, automatic cars, convertible cars, economy cars, minibuses designed for 8 or 9 people, and carriers designed for 6 or 7 people. The desk office at the airport also works from 7:00 until 24:00 every day. You can make a reservation by contacting a company directly: +34-966 360 360 or [email protected]. If a breakdown or an accident has occurred, you should contact the company: +34-966 365 365.

alicante airport car hire company

This way looks the office of Centauro, a major Alicante car hire company, at the airport of Alicante

  • Record Go Car Hire at Alicante Airport. This company offers various vehicles for Alicante car hire as well, such as economy models, family cars, large or medium cars. You can also decide whether you want a manual or an automatic transmission, or a guaranteed model at all. A car’s hire price also includes any mileage and free cancellation. The company works from 10:00. Call here: +34-902 123 002.
  • GoldCar Car Rentals. GoldCar offers indeed a great service, as they have a total number of vehicles exceeding 50,000 as well as they provide a road assistance service in several languages. The website is also available in 13 (!) languages. The company’s office works from 7:00 until 23:00. If you want to contact the company, make use of the following phone number: +34-965 943 186.
  • Enterprise is a Spanish car hire company, which offers a variety of cars, including sport cars, economy cars, minivans, SUVs, and cars for 7-9 seaters. If you need to rent a car, call +34-902 100 101. In case of lacking some information or being in need of support, call +34-902 111 902. The following number will come in handy if you need roadside assistance: +34-902 152 898.
  • Hertz Car Hire Company often has discounts and great deals. The company makes a particular focus on its service, while charging no extra fees or extra costs. Wi-Fi hotspots are available in each of its cars. Hertz’s office at Alicante Airport is open from 7:00 until 24:00. In order to contact the company, call +34-902 377 337.
  • The Europcar Company focuses its efforts on standing out thanks to its 24-hour service of roadside assistance, express pickup of the vehicle, short-term and long-term rental offers, and modern, spacious fleet of cars. The company claims to be the biggest branch of car rentals within Spain. Opening hours of its office at Alicante Airport also positively surprise – it occurs that the office is open all 24 hours on some days. You can reach the company’s office at Alicante Airport by calling +34-902 105 055 or sending a fax +34-913444925.
  • Budget, as the company’s name suggests, is a company that focuses on budget-oriented customers. Its office is open daily from 7:00 until 24:00. Memberships with discounts are available on the website.
  • Avis is another large international car hire company, which offers all types of cars to its customers. The company operates in a large number of countries and different continents, so it is reasonable to suppose that it’s quite a trustworthy company. You can send an email letter to the company here.

What You Need to Be Eligible for Driving a Rental Car and Some Other Tips

  • If you wish to rent a car, you must have a driving license for at least a year, as well as you should have not had serious penalties in the past. The license must be either Spanish or international, which has to be recognized by the Spanish law.
  • There are certain extra charges for people under age of 25, which often vary from 8 euro up to 25 euro. The sum largely depends on a type of car you want to rent. If you wish a sport car, you should expect the extra charge to be closer to the higher end.
  • Some car types are not available for people aged under 25.

costa blanca map for alicante car rental

A comfortable map of Costa Blanca

  • In order to rent a car, you need to present a foreign passport or an ID card, as well as to provide the company with a valid payment method (credit/debit cards).
  • You should company with the rules, provided by an Alicante car hire company.
  • The basic insurance coverage is often included in the price of a rental car and typically covers basic damage to the rented vehicle, the vehicle theft, or damage to third-party vehicles. There are insurances that cover more cases and damage, yet you must contact your rental company in order to find out it and pay an extra charge.