Alicante Accommodation

Alicante is one of the most popular destinations on the Spanish white coast, and such popularity is caused by its historic significance with touristic attractions and wonderful beaches along with pubs and clubs, where you can party all the night long. So if you are going to come to Alicante and stay here at least some time, you naturally need a place to stay in, so you can find out below about Alicante accommodation below.

On this page, you will find best Alicante accommodation options for anyone who wants to stay and spend some time in this marvelous city.

Choosing Most Suitable Location of Alicante Accommodation

Considering that Alicante is not a large town in size, so there are not that many locations you can choose out of. Yet, the city may indeed appear quite crowded during a high season. This section will help you to choose an area where to seek Alicante accommodation.

Depending on your preferences and what you wish to do during your stay in Alicante, there are 3 main types of areas that can be described: the Old Town, accommodation near Alicante’s marina and beaches, and an area between the Old Town and suburbs, known as AC Alicante.

Alicante accommodation

There are lots of hotels in the central part of Alicante, known as the Alicante Old Town, offering perfect Alicante accommodation options

There are certain advantages and disadvantages for each of those options, so let’s review every option. Alicante’s Old Town consists of indeed majestic buildings, such as an impressive cathedral designed in the Baroque style, Gothic buildings, and traditional squares of such cities. Also, there are many
fashionable and popular boutiques with famous brands, housed in old, historic buildings that were restored for this purpose, as well as the Market Square that attracts lots of people every morning. Advantages of this area are quite clear:

  • a large choice of hotels (both budget and luxury ones) and presence of famous international hospitality groups;
  • location in the city center;
  • lots of pubs and restaurants nearby.

Actually, restaurants in the hotels, located in the city center, sometimes have the best cooks in the city. Yet, there is a flip side of the coin: it is quite loud and noisy even at night. So if you wish to have a calm sleep during the night and you are not a fan of hanging out at night, then it would be better to look for another location. Also, be aware of the price of a stay in the city center, since hotels there are the most expensive ones.

Staying by the seashore of Alicante is also a good idea for any part of the year – sunshine in this city lasts longer than 320 days per year. The Postiguet Beach, located in the center of the city, is located next to the city’s marina and is full of various bars, pubs and restaurants, some of which are open at night. A really great advantage of this option is the fact that there are lots of hotels – both little, cheap ones as well as large international groups – and even small houses and villas you can rent while staying with your family.

rent Alicante apartment

Near the seacoast, you can rent an apartment with a communal pool – a great type of Alicante accommodation

There are some budget apartments where you can spend some time as well. Though, in case if you will want to enjoy extra facilities like Wi-Fi, gym, restaurants, or spa, you should look for a little bit more expensive hotel. Also, there is a nice option of renting an apartment or a complex of apartments with a communal, mutual pool, whereas this is a great alternative to pricey hotels, fancied by a large number of families who come to Alicante. So, the advantages of staying by the seashore are:

  • a large number of options between large hotels, smaller and cheaper ones, and apartment complexes with pools available;
  • price lower than if one stayed in the city center;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • bars & restaurants are located nearby.

The drawbacks of this option are:

  • Level of service varies together with the amount of money you pay (it’s logical, though);
  • Even though the chances of you being bothered by loud noises, shouting and partying are lower, restaurants and pubs located nearby suggest that it would not be completely quiet (unless you rent an apartment on the outskirts of the city);
  • You need more time to reach the city center and major transport hubs.

After all, there is an alternative, in case if you don’t like both of the above-mentioned options completely. You can stay in the area called AC Alicante, located 5-10 minutes of walk away from the center of the city. It is actually a business area and a residential area, so those people who are seeking to have a quiet night might like this option.

where to stay at Alicante

This way looks Playa del Portiguet, the famous beach of Alicante, where you can rent an apartment or get accommodated in a hotel

Indeed, you will have to spend some time in order to reach the city center or a transport hub, yet it will not take much of your time. The majority of tourists who stay in this area prefer to do so by simply having a walk. Besides, you may expect such an area to be noticeably less crowded than the city center or seashores. So if you are interested in this alternative, you might expect to get certain advantages of such a stay:

  • It is a less crowded place without noise at night;
  • The price of renting an apartment or a room in a hotel is noticeably lower here than in the previously-mentioned options;
  • Proximity to the city center, though it will take some time to walk or take a tram or a bus.

Indeed, those advantages are accompanied by certain drawbacks:

  • Selection of hotels is not the largest one here;
  • It takes some time to reach a beach or the city center;
  • If you are a person who loves to party at night, this option isn’t the best one for you.

Accommodation at Alicante Airport

If you arrived in Alicante at a late night or in the early morning and want to have some rest prior to heading anywhere, there are hotels where you can stay for a short (or not) time. There are different kinds of hotels available – from relatively cheap ones to those that offer all the facilities you need. After having a rest at one of these hotels, you can continue your way to a city you planned before coming here.